A campaign to change the Emergency Medical Protocols in every state!

What does this mean?

Currently due to conflicting protocols and liability issues,
 “Most Paramedics & ER Doctors believe they are prohibited
from administering patient carried specialty medications or 
deviating from standard protocols for rare medical needs”

Due to a lack of uniform reporting, nationally we have no 
records of how often these events are happening which is 
preventing the need of protocol changes being apparent 
on the state and national levels.

It is our responsibility to raise awareness for the protection 
of our families and friends with SPECIAL MEDICAL NEEDS!

Our paramedics need new protocols allowing for 
"administering specialty patient carried meds 
& treatment based on the 
"EMERGENCY MEDICAL ORDERS" from their specialist.

Typically "special medical" patients are stabilized and 
transferred to a Level 1 Trauma Center or for those with 
"specialty medications" are held at the local ER until 
the “guaranteed safe” meds can be delivered. Both 
scenarios result in a delay in treatment.  
A delay causing anything from prolonged recovery 
to organ damage to loss of life!
 We all know time matters and this must be changed!
We need you to join us in this effort, 
many voices are heard much better than one!