OR- Adrenal Insufficiency United has been working for 4 years

Jennifer Knapp, Director, of A.I. United and her Board and many families started working on protocol changes for 4 years.   They got legislation for EMS protocol changes but met a lot of opposition from the state EMS association.

From that point, they have revised their plan of action and have support from several Senators for legislation for a medical ORDERS database.  Unfortunately the legislation did not move in the 2017 session.

We are now looking at trying to reach the state EMS association again with the help of the supportive legislators to help them realize the extent of the need for protection.    Best case scenario would be for the realization to come to the state association and protocols changed without additional legislation.

With all this said, this will only happen with the voices of many affected families requiring protection for their loved ones!   To join in the efforts or just be updated, click the menu link “Join The Team” and you will be added to our database.

Adrenal Insufficiency United – ORDERS facebook page

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