What You Can Do

A:  Join our team - You will receive updates on your state, contact information and numbers, who has been contacted and what they are doing, upcoming events you may want to attend, etc.

B:  Make calls & send emails-  As we get an "Action Team" developed in each state we will start with awareness.  Contacts will include:
A. State EMS Association or Board -{google search will locate it}
B. State Dept of Health
C. For ER - State Hospital or Medical Association 
D. Senators & Representatives - yours first, then others and any friends or contacts you may have.
E. Other Legislators --  
C:  Visit your Capitol - Although this isn't mandatory, making a personal visit makes a world of difference.  Taking our "Mr. Danny" allowed them to see a face of hemophilia and a life that is threatened.  It also helps to build a relationship and becomes a personal issue.

D:  Educational Events - Helping organize Emergency Preparedness family education events to help raise awareness and also protect those affected.

Easy Legislator Lookup Link