Our Mission & Goals

Mission:   To raise awareness to the current gap in Emergency Treatment for all with special medical needs, to change the current protocols, help educate emergency service personnel and educate affected families in proper emergency planning and protection.


  • To inform Americans of the oversight in our emergency medical protocols;
  • To protect the individuals who can be harmed or loose a life due to improper or delayed treatment;
  • To protect those Paramedics and Doctors who are forced to make a decision of following a  “rule” or “regulation” over saving joints, muscles, organs, and lives;
  • To be the driving force in building teams in every state to stand and be heard;
  • To see these PROTOCOLS amended one state at a time;
  • To see these PROTOCOLS amended also on the national level;
  • To provide education to families in Emergency Planning and provide Emergency Alert products for their protection
  • Raise awareness to the Medical Association so they can help educate patients and families

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